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Beautiful Oak Leaf Lapel/Purse Pin

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The Life & Time lapel pin was specially design and crafted to be a wearable representation of our charity and community based End of Life Care.

It’s form is representative of our core service and our mission statement of care. Life & Time provides care and support to patients and their families and a visual representation of a family could be a tree, with a member of the family being a leaf. The leaf is a sign of “Life’, but as that life comes to an end, sometimes extra care and support needs to be provided to allow this transition, so our service is there to support that life and also to support the rest of the tree, the family,  to continue to heal and grow as time moves on.

Each pin measures: approx 20 x 29 x 10mm

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Weight 3 g
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 29 mm

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